Civil Services are the Backbone of System of India. They are the Pillars of Country’s Legal System as Civil services Officers take career of Particular Departments of the Civil Framework of the Country. There are Two All India Civil Services named – Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). They hold an inexplicable charm as a career.

There are many professions which are lucrative and prestigious that Includes engineering, management, Medical and the Information Technology sector. But no one can match the status of civil services which command a respect and Satisfaction like no other. Even the near and dear ones of Civil Servants are too brim with pride when they refer to the “IAS” man or woman in their family. The IFS officers’ family members also of course, enjoy every bit of their life, with plum postings all over the world.

The reasons for such Respect, honor and satisfaction are many that Includes an IAS Officer’s Involvement in Important Civil and Government Body Decisions. Being a part of decision-making that impacts lives of large number of people and the opportunities to serve people in different sectors makes IAS And other Civil services Dream Job for many.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers handle all affairs of the government. And thus their work for Civil framework of the Country affects all aspects of modern life Including environment, education, health, agriculture, law and order, defense, foreign affairs, social welfare and taxation. In Short, it is the job of an IAS officer to look after civil administration and be involved with policy-making at all levels.

Thus IAS Is an Important Part of over-all framework of the Country and that statement undoubtedly justifies the Amount of Competition that exists in Civil service exam Conducted every year by UPSC to give the nation A fresh batch of Young and Dedicated Civil servants that’ll manage the steel frame of the Country.

All children love toys. There is no childhood without toys. In ancient times, toys were made of wood. There were no toy manufacturing companies; all the toys were made at home. But as years passed and technology advanced, various types of toys were available for the children. Today if you ask any child what gift he would prefer, his answer will immediately be either Remote Control Toys or Airsoft Toys. Remote controlled toys are so in demand that toy manufacturers are taking this opportunity to introduce these toys in various models with different features. There are mini toys and monster toys; toys that are used both indoors and outdoors; toys that run on smooth surface or rough surface; toys that fly, toys that sail etc. Remote control toys are also available for toddlers. The remote control toys are wonderful gifts for both boys and girls. Well, it is not only children who love owning these toys, even adults are becoming crazy about them. These toys will surely take you back to your childhood days. The RC vehicles are available in two types; those used as toys for children and those used as hobby for hobby enthusiasts. For the little girls who are not interested in RC vehicles, there are a wide variety of RC animals, which they would love.

Similarly Airsoft toys are also very popular among children. The old classic cowboy movies have impressed a lot of boys who immediately imagines himself as a cowboy. But the only sad thing is that they dont have a gun. Well parents, why dont you get him a sun and see his face lit up. Not a real gun anyway, but the Airsoft toy gun which are the exact replicas of the real gun. These guns are very safe for children. The Airsoft gun which was invented by Japan is mainly used for playing Airsoft sports. These guns which are available as spring operated Spring Airsoft Gun, battery operated Electric Airsoft Gun and the gas powered Gas Airsoft gun, are quite safe for the children because the pellets used are made of plastic. But of course safety is very important and your child should be given the proper guidance to use the gun. The popular designs of Airsoft guns are Airsoft Sniper Rifle and Airsoft Pistol.

Among the RC toys, the RC cars and RC helicopters are a big hit with the kids. The RC Car can be played by any child, and it does not require any skill. The movement of the car has to be controlled. There are small cars that run on batteries, which the child can operate indoors. Most of the boys are attracted to the small flying RC helicopters, which can be flown indoors inside the house. There are two levers to control the helicopter. The RC airplanes are also very safe for kids. The Mini RC Boats provide lot of entertainment for the children and adults. It can be operated in the swimming pool. They are available in all sizes. The larger sized fast RC Boats can be operated in the lakes.

Both RC toys and Airsoft toys provide hours of entertainment for the young and the old alike.

A few years ago teak was considered the panacea of solutions for socio economic problems in Panama. But, today, the harsh reality of growing teak is widely known. Recognized in many countries as a weed, Panama is one of the few nations in the world that gives tax incentives for planting Tectona Grandis, teak.

It is thoroughly understood that teak damages the environment. The fall of teak leaves is one of the principal causes of severe erosion and fire throughout the country. The high oil content of the tree and leaves is like tinder or kindling for fires during the dry season. When the leaves fall to the ground, they do not disintegrate rapidly and serve no useful function in the forest either as natural fertilizer or feed for animals.

Today there are huge forests of teak all over Panama. Instead of contributing to the nations economy, they are actually depleting the national treasury through tax deductions provided to the wealthy. Globally there are more offers to sell teak than to buy.

Many of these stands of teak are more than twenty years old. Why arent they being sold? There are two primary reasons: one the price of teak in Panama is not in synch with the realities of the price of teak on the world market and two, buyers today are more informed and are requesting documentation that most Panamanians cannot provide because they have not made the financial investment necessary for this type of venture, instead their interests have been to hide money from taxation. Chain of Custody documents are one of the key requirements for selling lumber in todays world market. This documentation proves that the producer is not damaging the environment or jungle to extract lumber.

Today, there is a new alternative for agroindustry and multidimensional farming. This new paradigm of agroforestry allows for a mix of the traditional with the nontraditional generating more income for the farm and at the same time restoring the ecology of the nation. A study done by USAID/AED A FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF SUSTAINABLE CATTLE FARMING SYSTEMS IN THE WATERSHED OF THE PANAMA CANAL dated June 2005 proves the economic viability of raising cattle with trees. Although the study mentions some species of trees, it does not mention species with high agricultural value. Selecting the correct species will not only serve as a source of income but also function as an integral and important part of the daily life of the farm.

Paulownia could be that species. Paulownia is recognized as the fastest growing tree in the world, the aluminum of hardwood trees. Grown for hundreds of years on the Pacific Rim, paulownia has a greater value than teak on the world market and offers the opportunity to have three harvests in the time it takes for teak to have one.

The paulownia leaves are used in many parts of the world has feed for animals because of its high nutritive value.

With the price of land in the clouds today, farms are smaller and farmers must maximize the economic utility of every hectare. Different than teak, after two years, the farmer can graze cattle between the paulownia trees without damaging them.

Paulownia increases the fertility of the land. The leaves disintegrate rapidly feeding the natural grasses which control erosion of top soil. Paulownia also functions as a natural firebreak. The ignition temperature of paulownia is approximately 425 degrees centigrade. Teak has a flash point of a little more than 100 degrees centigrade about that of boiling water.

All of these elements combined: the world market price, world supply and demand, speed of growth, and a quick return on investment compared to teak, the nutritional value of paulownia as feed for animals, the benefit to top soil as a fertilizer and finally the ignition point of paulownia make paulownia an ideal addition to todays farms.

Mary Aloe Proud Mary Entertainment is specializes in developing and producing independent and studio features, television series, network and cable event movies. Mary Aloe, Aloe Entertainment and PME specialize in obtaining 100% financing for features by raising private equity, working with hedge funds, gap financing, top tier of foreign sales companies and securing domestic distribution.

2009 is going to be another banner year for Mary Aloe and her staff at Proud Mary Entertainment Inc. The company has been enjoying a run with a record slate of eight features, completed in just last the two years; all to be released in 2008 and 2009. Given this ambitious pace of production, the company is garnering a reputation as a mini-studio. Aloe and her partner Mike Dolan owner of Smithfield Street Studios are lining up their first slate of recently announced 6 pictures of their 12 picture alliance in Pittsburgh. The partners first major studio film with MGM Studios is Mary, Mother of the Christ, the prequel to The Passion of the Christ, will be starring Camilla Belle, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Peter OToole. Aloe and Dolan own and will produce the script written by Benedict Fitzgerald and Barbara Nicolosi the writer of The Passion of Christ and they are hiring many of the original crew from the movie. The film will be shot in Morocco in April 2009 for a Good Friday, April 2010 release. The partners are in post-production now on Hollywood and Wine starring David Spade, Chris Kattan, Vivica Fox and Chaz Palaminteri. Aloe is also in post on the film The Ascent starring Josie Davis. The Ascent is a mountain climbing thriller, which was shot in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles with Aloes Texas partner, David Cuddy, owner of the Ranch Studios

The Australia taxation department provides several benefits for the citizens of Australia. It works under the Commissioner of Taxation. The leadership of a statuary officer is hired under the taxation administration act of 1953. The main motive is to manage the profits and arrangements that bear financial and communal policy. The main role of this department is to oversee the rules and regulations of taxes and excise. This department is also responsible for the care of provision community welfares. There are two major forms that come under Australian taxation office.

First one is looking for the unclaimed and lost super

Another is that change in the details of people

Aussie finance and taxation

Understand the concept of finances and taxes is not easy for every individual. The Aussie Expat tax is something that is levied on the people who are working and living outside their country. There are many national and local institutions that offer essential updates about the field of finance, taxation, Aussie Expat and markets.

If you are the citizen of Australia and living outside the country and now looking to buy property in Australia then there are several mortgage agents or brokers available with years of experience. They assist Australian expat living offshore evaluate loans and find the best deal. The word expats or Expatriate is someone or permanently living in a country.

Benefits of Australian expat

Technical and professional authorization are clearer in Australia

Australian employees have large numbers of formalities with British qualification and work experience

Have some cultural similarities with the UK

Australian passport provides you residency rights

Australia is one of the well known countries of the world with a sound taxing system. The Australian income tax can be calculated by applying a progressive tax rate slab. And higher interest of rate is imposed on higher incomes. Australia has a high economic growth with political stability and high living slandered of people. ATO is responsible to maintain all types of taxation in Australia. It is considered as a pillar of tax collection department. Australian taxation office tax rates are also managed by the ATO. ATO is a part of government. It collects tax from people, firms, and companies.

Several types of taxes are imposed by this department and all the collected taxes are utilized for public welfare. Even current interest rate Australia is also imposed by this department. The Australian government imposed property tax. It is a form of taxation. Capital gains tax is another type of taxation it is levied on capital assets. Income and tax are two things that found in all over the world. The Australia taxation interest of rates is very high as compared to the interest of rates of the other countries. Under the Australian law of taxation businesses has to need the records of 5 years. The ATO implies that the value added tax system for the services and goods. It collects profits and makes use of it for the public welfare and provide several benefits.

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