Mary Aloe Proud Mary Entertainment is specializes in developing and producing independent and studio features, television series, network and cable event movies. Mary Aloe, Aloe Entertainment and PME specialize in obtaining 100% financing for features by raising private equity, working with hedge funds, gap financing, top tier of foreign sales companies and securing domestic distribution.

2009 is going to be another banner year for Mary Aloe and her staff at Proud Mary Entertainment Inc. The company has been enjoying a run with a record slate of eight features, completed in just last the two years; all to be released in 2008 and 2009. Given this ambitious pace of production, the company is garnering a reputation as a mini-studio. Aloe and her partner Mike Dolan owner of Smithfield Street Studios are lining up their first slate of recently announced 6 pictures of their 12 picture alliance in Pittsburgh. The partners first major studio film with MGM Studios is Mary, Mother of the Christ, the prequel to The Passion of the Christ, will be starring Camilla Belle, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Peter OToole. Aloe and Dolan own and will produce the script written by Benedict Fitzgerald and Barbara Nicolosi the writer of The Passion of Christ and they are hiring many of the original crew from the movie. The film will be shot in Morocco in April 2009 for a Good Friday, April 2010 release. The partners are in post-production now on Hollywood and Wine starring David Spade, Chris Kattan, Vivica Fox and Chaz Palaminteri. Aloe is also in post on the film The Ascent starring Josie Davis. The Ascent is a mountain climbing thriller, which was shot in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles with Aloes Texas partner, David Cuddy, owner of the Ranch Studios

The Australia taxation department provides several benefits for the citizens of Australia. It works under the Commissioner of Taxation. The leadership of a statuary officer is hired under the taxation administration act of 1953. The main motive is to manage the profits and arrangements that bear financial and communal policy. The main role of this department is to oversee the rules and regulations of taxes and excise. This department is also responsible for the care of provision community welfares. There are two major forms that come under Australian taxation office.

First one is looking for the unclaimed and lost super

Another is that change in the details of people

Aussie finance and taxation

Understand the concept of finances and taxes is not easy for every individual. The Aussie Expat tax is something that is levied on the people who are working and living outside their country. There are many national and local institutions that offer essential updates about the field of finance, taxation, Aussie Expat and markets.

If you are the citizen of Australia and living outside the country and now looking to buy property in Australia then there are several mortgage agents or brokers available with years of experience. They assist Australian expat living offshore evaluate loans and find the best deal. The word expats or Expatriate is someone or permanently living in a country.

Benefits of Australian expat

Technical and professional authorization are clearer in Australia

Australian employees have large numbers of formalities with British qualification and work experience

Have some cultural similarities with the UK

Australian passport provides you residency rights

Australia is one of the well known countries of the world with a sound taxing system. The Australian income tax can be calculated by applying a progressive tax rate slab. And higher interest of rate is imposed on higher incomes. Australia has a high economic growth with political stability and high living slandered of people. ATO is responsible to maintain all types of taxation in Australia. It is considered as a pillar of tax collection department. Australian taxation office tax rates are also managed by the ATO. ATO is a part of government. It collects tax from people, firms, and companies.

Several types of taxes are imposed by this department and all the collected taxes are utilized for public welfare. Even current interest rate Australia is also imposed by this department. The Australian government imposed property tax. It is a form of taxation. Capital gains tax is another type of taxation it is levied on capital assets. Income and tax are two things that found in all over the world. The Australia taxation interest of rates is very high as compared to the interest of rates of the other countries. Under the Australian law of taxation businesses has to need the records of 5 years. The ATO implies that the value added tax system for the services and goods. It collects profits and makes use of it for the public welfare and provide several benefits.

Devendra Jain

In a vastly populated developing nation, the parallel role of NGOs in public welfare is indispensable. The Income-tax Act, 1961 has recognized the importance of the very concept of charity in the Indian society. The income derived by charitable institutions is exempt under section 10 or section 11. This article discusses certain issues arising out of section 11, which provides exemption to income derived from property held under trust for charitable or religious purposes. The author opines that the law relating to taxation of charitable institutions ought to be simple looking at the noble cause behind the existence of such institutions. He hopes that with the new Income-tax Code likely to be put in place, we will find a simple and non-controversial taxation system for charitable institutions.

1. In a vastly populated developing nation, the parallel role of NGOs in public welfare is indispensable. Public charity has reached numerous areas which were untouched by the Government due to bureaucracy or otherwise. In fact, the theory of dan or charity is found even in our mythology where we find instances of Karna or Raja Harishchandra.

The Income-tax Act, 1961, has recognized the importance of the very concept of charity in indian society and, hence, it finds place in sections 10(23AA), 10(23AAA), 10(23B), 10(23BBA), 10(23C), section 11, section 35, section 35AC, 35CCA, 35CCB, sections 80G, 80GGA, etc. The income derived by charitable institutes is exempt under section 10 or section 11 and the donors get deduction under section 35, 35AC, 35CCA, 35CCB, 80G or 80GGA.

2. Certain issues arising out of section 11 which provides exemption to income derived from property held under trust for charitable or religious purposes are :

(i)- Section 11(1)(a) provides exemption to income derived by charitable or religious institutions/trusts (the trust) to the extent it is applied for charitable or religious purposes, i.e., for the objects of the trust. Further, 15 per cent of the income can be set apart for future application. In other words, at least 85 per cent of the income is to be applied on the objects of the trust to claim 100 per cent exemption. It is well-settled by various judicial pronouncements that the words income derived should be interpreted as income in commercial sense and not the total income as per the Income-tax Act. Further, the words applied to such purposes are to be interpreted in a wide sense so as to include all outlays on the objects of the institution – be they capital or revenue in nature. Thus, for instance, purchase or construction of a school building by an educational institution is an application of income. [CIT v. Kannika Devasthanam & Charities [1982] 133 ITR 779 (Mad.); S.RM.M.Ct.M. Tiruppani Trust v. CIT [1998] 230 ITR 636/96 Taxman 635 (SC)]

(ii)- Barring the dogmatic approach of certain departmental authorities in not considering administration expenses as application of income but as an expense against earning the income; the law under section 11(1)(a) is well-settled that all spendings or outlays by such institutions are application of income. In fact, judiciary has even upheld that expenses incurred for maintaining the establishments like legal expenses, audit fees, etc., are to be considered as application of income. However, there is another issue which is often less discussed about and that is section 11(1A).

(iii)- As per section 11(1A), where a charitable or religious institute/trust transfers a capital asset, the capital gains shall be deemed to have been applied towards charitable or religious purposes to the following extent:

(a)- Where entire net consideration is utilized for acquiring a new asset, the whole of the capital gain;

(b)- where only a part of the net consideration is utilized in acquiring a new asset, the excess of the cost of the new asset over the cost of the old asset.

An example may clarify the above position.

A capital asset was acquired by a trust during 1985-86 for Rs. 10 lakhs and it is transferred during 2007-08 for Rs. 25 lakhs resulting into a surplus of Rs. 15 lakhs.

Situation 1 : Cost of the new asset is Rs. 25 lakhs or more.

In such a case, the entire surplus of Rs. 15 lakhs shall be deemed to have been applied towards charitable purpose.

Situation 2 : Cost of the new asset is Rs. 22 lakhs.

In such a case, Rs. 12 lakhs (22 lakhs-10 lakhs) shall be deemed to have been applied towards charitable purpose. The balance surplus of
Rs. 3,00,000 (15,00,000 – 12,00,000) shall be taxable subject to application under section 11(1)(a) and 11(2).

2.1 Some controversies – The following controversies arise in the above scenerios:

(i)- Section 11(1A) uses the words capital assets, transfer and capital gains arising from the transfer. Though the words capital assets and transfer are defined in section 2(14) and 2(47), yet the expression capital gains is nowhere defined in the Act. A controversy therefore arises as to whether capital gains should be interpreted as profits arising on transfer in commercial sense or capital gains calculated under section 48, i.e., after indexation. The Amritsar Tribunal has held that the capital gains need to be calculated as per sections 45 to 55. It implies that the benefit of indexation can be claimed by charitable trusts also. [Akhara Ghamanda Dass v. CIT [2000] 68 TTJ (Asr.) 244/[2001] 114 Taxman 27 (Asr.)(Mag.)] Whereas there are a series of judgments favouring the commercial income theory. [CIT v. Rao Bahadur Calwala Cunnas Chetty Charities [1982] 135 ITR 485 (Mad.) & CIT v. Trustees of H.E.H. Nizams Supplemental Religious Endowment Trust [1981] 127 ITR 378 (A.P.)]

(ii)- Section 11(1A) starts with the expression For the purpose of sub-section (1). It implies that sub-section (1A) is merely an enabling provision quantifying the application of income. The main provision granting exemption is sub-section (1), which uses the expression income and not total income. It can, thus, be inferred that a trust has to apply 85 per cent of its income (in commercial sense). If that is the case, the benefit of indexation which is a special mechanism for the purpose of the Income-tax Act may not apply and entire profit on sale of capital asset may be regarded as capital gain. Another remote view could also be possible that the surplus on transfer of capital assets is not at all an income (being a capital receipt) and, hence, outside the purview of 85 per cent application.

It is a unanimously agreed verity that today people demand something more with their home entertainment kit. The conventional ways and demands of home entertainment have been allowed by the high-tech featured home entrainment gadgets such as DTH services. Now, when we have started a discussion on DTH service, how can we forget to name Sun DTH service which has recorded immense popularity in just a short time period

One of the sophistication demanded by the entrainment lovers is the improvement in the list of channels and in picture clarity. All such urges are met by the Sun direct TV. Lets check what special it has to offer.

The latest Sun DTH service is available in various packages namely Venus, Venus mercury, Jupiter and lots more. You will find an array of channels along with some wonderful results and channel response. This DTH service performs using the latest MPEG- 4 technology that increases the broadcast capacity of this entertainment kit. Sun Direct proudly stands in the market boasting of a better and improved picture clarity and sound quality than all its competitors.

This DTH service timely introduces changes and exciting inclusions in the already taken packages which is yet an additional advantage. This is a good sign for the customers who are already subscribed with the latest Sun DTH service. Apart from this, lets take into consideration few other advantages offered by Sun DTH is that it is free from all risks of lightening, rain and storm etc. Its performance stands unaffected no matter how bad the weather goes. You are never going to notice the problems of picture freezing or blurring as this things has been completely worked on by the experts so as to impart you with an improved quality of entertainment.

Buy Sun Direct to make your TV shows and movies look livelier in improved prints. Even if you take up the least expensive package, you are able to get sports, news and various other language channels to get benefited using the cheap and best motto. The Sun DTH service also includes a number of sub-packs that imbibe kids channel movies, regional; language top ups etc. Reliance knows how to keep its customers happy and all this is done to entice its and viewers. Buy Sun DTH and learn the way in which actual high quality entertainment is enjoyed.

Finding good wedding entertainment is an art form. Choosing your wedding entertainment can make or break your wedding. Not that you should worry about what your guests think, after all it is your wedding, but you also want to make sure people do enjoy themselves. A wedding should be memorable and unforgettable and that is where your entertainment comes into play.

The first thing you need to consider is your musical content. Picking the DJ for your wedding can be crucial. What makes a good DJ is someone who just doesn’t understand the music they play but also the people they play it for. An excellent DJ is someone who can add bass to music which does not normally have bass in it. A great DJ also knows when to talk and when to remain quiet and let the music speak for him. With a good jumping base people will get up and dance and that is the main job of a DJ is to get people up and on the dance floor.

The DJ also is a large part of the wedding entertainment by adding games and events in the music. With interactive songs and dances like The Electric Slide and the Hooky Pokey or even play the right music to inspire a Congo Line to form on the dance floor.

Some people have even included more than just musical entertainment for their weddings. Some have employed magicians or bird shows. A bird show is when a bird trainer releases a set of birds in the reception which are trained to perform aerial stunts and fly around the banquet room amazing the guests. A magician is there to perform feats or mystifying illusion and even interact with the wedding guests.

Some weddings have also used a standup comedian for entertainment. A good strong comedian can entertain a wedding party for a long time. They can call out among the guests and even get them involved with some of the magic acts. Basically whoever or whatever you employ for entertainment purposes you would want to have as an interactive part of the performance. People always enjoy feeling like they are a part of something.

While these forms of entertainment are not conventional they are more common than one would believe. All these can make a wedding fun and an everlasting memory for yourself and those who attend. Either way, a good wedding is one which uses entertainment which is out of the box.

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